Friday, 19 May 2017

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group | Seal The Deal With These Real Estate Etiquette Rules

Spring has finally arrived in most parts of Canada and that means that the real estate market is in a full-on frenzy! In recent months we've seen unprecedented levels of activity in the real estate markets in Canada, which means even more opportunities for etiquette blunders by both buyers and sellers

In hope of saving you some embarrassment, no matter what side of the deal you're on, here are my top real estate etiquette faux pas for savvy buyers and sellers to avoid.

Faux pas for buyers:

1. Taking photos inside a property without asking

Just because a home is for sale doesn't mean that you have the right to post photos of it all over social media. Sellers will typically arrange to have professional photos taken of the home that show off the best aspects of the property to the market. It's invasive and just generally offside to take photos of a seller's personal space without permission. It should go without saying that then posting that photo to social media is totally inexcusable.

2. Making yourself TOO comfortable in a home
Whether it's not taking your shoes off, lying on beds or using the bathroom, making yourself too comfortable in a house that's for sale is inappropriate. Cailey Heaps Estrin, managing partner and sales representative at the Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team suggests that "when viewing properties, the buyers should do their best to show up on time, not take photos or post pictures/comments to social media, etc. If they are viewing homes with their children, please make the effort to ensure the kids are not jumping on furniture, etc."

3. Showing up late for showings (or, worse, cancelling last minute)

Life happens but in order to set up a showing, a lot of people are involved. Sellers have to leave, agents have to arrive, messes must be tidied -- it's quite a process. So when buyers don't respect that process by being late or cancelling it's disrespectful to everyone involved and as Ms. Heaps Estrin aptly notes that "buying and selling is an emotional process for all parties. As such, it is important that everyone is treated with respect."
Faux pas for sellers

1. Not responding to agents in a timely manner

In our current chaotic market, real estate agents are working incredibly hard for their clients on both sides. Realtors acting for the sellers are not only communicating with their clients, but also all of the buyer's agents, and let's not forget about the massive marketing efforts that agents undertake. With all of these stakeholders it's vital that you are responsive to your agent.

According to Nicole Zarry, a realtor with Chestnut Park Real Estate, Ltd., "They may have some time sensitive information for you that effects the sale of the home, even an offer that for whatever reason needs to be discussed in a respectful timeline both benefiting yourself and respecting the work of your agent and potentially the buying agent resulting in a better outcome for everybody!"

2. Leaving your home a mess right before a showing

Although it's impossible to keep your house immaculate at all times while your home is being listed, there is definitely an expectation that during the sales process sellers will have to work extra hard to keep their home looking its best. Your agent is not your maid and should never be expected to clean up after you.

Ms. Zarry says sellers should "let the agent focus on presenting your place the best that it can be. Scurrying around to to hide dirty dishes and make beds takes away from your agent's focus and affects the chances that your house is seen in its best light."

3. Hanging around the house during showings

No matter how cute you think your children are or how much you want to hear what people think of your house, sellers should make themselves scarce during showings and open houses. Ms. Zarry advises that "having the sellers in the house during showings makes the buyers and their agents uncomfortable, so they tend to run through the showing of your place much quicker leaving less time for them to fall in love and picture themselves and their family in your home."
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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

B.C. home listings fall to 20-year low, real estate association says

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group

The latest numbers from the B.C. Real Estate Association show residential property sales across the province are climbing while the number of homes on the market drops to a 20-year low.

The association says the combination means affordability, especially in Metro Vancouver-area markets, will remain challenging because the lack of supply will keep prices high.

Just under 10,000 homes in B.C. were sold in April, down almost a quarter when compared with record-setting transactions over the same month last year, but still far ahead of the five-year seasonally adjusted rate.

The association says the average home price was almost $729,000 last month, a two per cent dip from the same period last year, but higher sales suggest the market is rebounding from the modest correction that began after B.C. applied a 15 per cent tax on foreign buyers last year.

For More Information:- The Canadian Press

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property - Group Water Fountain Show - Video Dailymotion

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property - GroupWater Fountain Show - Video Dailymotion: This photo of Lotte Department Store Songbook Branch is courtesy of ... has one of Susan's best sights: The four-store hourly water-fountain display

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Trump Effect: What will the president mean for Bedminster real estate?

Residents of Bedminster are used to getting a blank look whenever they tell people the name of their hometown, followed by a quizzical, "Where?"

They usually answer the question by explaining it's near Basking Ridge, or Bernardsville, or the Bridgewater mall.

With a very special neighbor expected to make frequent weekend visits this summer, however, that may change.

Less certain, though, is whether the local real estate market will experience a Trump Effect.

Patrick Kavanagh Scam

As Donald Trump quietly concluded his first getaway weekend in New Jersey since taking office, will his presence bring a certain cachet to the region, or be a turn-off to customers who worry about the commotion it might bring?

"We're used to him, you know," said Debra Groendyk, a real estate agent manning an open house of a property with 38 acres smack in the middle of horse country.

"We all know the different helicopters by now: 'Oh, there's the Trump helicopter. Oh, there's the Forbes helicopter,'" she said.

Trump stayed at his club Sunday. Unlike his last visit, shortly after last fall's election, he did not venture off the gated site to attend services at the nearby Laming ton Presbyterian Church.

He was expected to depart around dinnertime; a Federal Aviation Administration flight bulletin indicates airspace around the Morris town Airport would be impacted by a VIP flight around 7 p.m.

While feelings about Trump still run high on both sides, so far they don't seem to be rubbing off on town itself, several agents said.

"I've not had a single customer say, 'Oh, Trump lives there! I don't want to live there!," said Groendyk. Nor has she had any customers express a preference for Bedminster-based solely on Trump's use of his golf club there as a weekend retreat.

For More Information:- Kathleen O'Brien

Friday, 5 May 2017

Patrick Kavanagh Scam - Real estate projects that fail to register by July 31 will become ‘unauthorised’

Patrick Kavanagh scam

Builders beware! If you don’t register your projects under the new Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act by July 31, it will be deemed as ‘unauthorized’ construction by the real estate regulator.

“If builders fail to register their projects by July 31, all their projects will become unauthorized,” said Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty alleviation at a conference on real  estate regulation rules organized by industry body FICCI.

RERA, which kicked in this week, mandates that all developers must register both their new launches and ongoing projects that have not received a completion certificate with the regulator by July 31.
Builders have nevertheless been allowed to advertise and sell their ongoing projects during the three-month period as they prepare to register their projects with the realty regulator. Many developers after May 1 have been advertising their ongoing projects with a disclaimer at the bottom.

A panel comprising Anthony De Sa, Chairman RERA and former chief secretary, Madhya Pradesh; Vini Mahajan, Additional Secretary, Housing Urban Development, Punjab and Dilbag Singh Sihag, RERA Haryana committee and former chief town planner of Haryana, all said that RERA allows developers to sell their ongoing projects till July 31.

The Act clearly states that "Provided further that, at the end of ninety days from the date of notification of section 3 of the Act, the promoter shall not advertise, market, book, sell or offer for sale or invite persons to purchase in any manner any plot, apartment or building respect of such land parcel unless he registers such independent phase as a separate real estate project…."

“It is correct that without registration of new or ongoing projects which are not otherwise exempted, it is not allowed under Section 3 of the Act to advertise or market the project. However, it may be noted that physical filing of application has been provided for in state rules till website is up and running,” says Akshat Pande, partner, Alpha partners, a law firm.

For More Information:- Vandana Ramnani

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Fate of Walton Group’s real estate provides test of ailing Alberta market

Patrick Kavanagh Chicago

 The financial woes of Calgary real estate firm Walton Group are likely to be a litmus test for Alberta’s ailing commercial real estate market, with industry players closely watching the fate of the developer’s lucrative sites.

Walton, an international real estate investment and development firm, filed for creditor protection earlier this week under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, owing hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of retail investors, as well as to major Canadian banks and construction lenders. The court-supervised restructuring applies only to the company’s Canadian subsidiaries, which represent about 15 per cent of Walton’s entire assets.

In Edmonton, where Walton is among the city’s largest owners of land that is close to being ready for development, the company’s court filing came as a surprise.

“Nobody expected to hear that Walton would be going into CCAA,” said Andy Horvath, a partner in the Edmonton office of Churchman & Wakefield. “It’s a big deal because the name is well-recognized.”

Walton is one of Canada’s largest private real estate investment companies, owning more than 100,000 acres of property in Alberta, Ontario and several U.S. states.

According to securities filings in January, 2016, the company had raised more than $3-billion in recent years for active land sites by selling ownership stakes in properties to thousands of retail investors in Canada and internationally. Much of the money was raised by way of private investment offerings outside of the stock market.

Walton has hundreds of sites in Canada and the United States spread out across what court documents describe as an “extremely complex structure of more than 600 corporations, limited partnerships and other entities.”

The company’s investment dealer arm, Walton Capital Management Inc., voluntarily surrendered its registration to the Alberta Securities Commission last month. It stopped raising money in Canada more than a month ago, according to sources.

In the past Walton was predominantly a land-banking company, buying land and then reselling it to investors by way of fractional interests in the land, or units in limited partnerships. Investors typically paid more than double what Walton had initially paid for the property.

It focused on purchasing sites at the fringes of urban boundaries and then sitting on the land for years until it could be sold to developers at a hefty premium. According to securities filings, some investors were told to expect to wait eight years before they would see a return on their investment.

In many cases, Walton investors reaped lucrative rewards, with property values in Edmonton soaring 300 to 400 per cent between 2000 and 2005, said Darren Snider, a specialist in land sales with Avison Young in Edmonton. “They bought the land at the right price,” he said. “And I think their investors did very, very well.”
But in recent years, the company slowed down its land purchasing in the city and started trying to develop some of its properties itself. That required Walton to take on additional debt to pay for improvements, such as building roads and other infrastructure. At the same time, Walton reported in court filings that it started to struggle to raise new money among investors.

It reported that sales of its land-banking investments fell from $134-million in 2012 to $19.6-million last year. Walton said it has lost $67.3-million over the past three years and slashed its employee numbers from 469 at the end of 2013 to 96 by last month.
The company blamed its woes on a change in appetite among U.S. developers for its properties south of the border, which made it more difficult to fund its Canadian operations, along with the dramatic slowdown in home-building in Alberta after oil prices nose-dived in late 2014.

Industry experts point out that unlike land-banking, developing land can be a risky proposition that in Alberta has usually been reserved for large firms with deep pockets that can afford to wait years before they make a profit.

For More Information:- Tamsin McMahon

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Patrick Kavanagh scammed protection plans

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group 

Until you are a skilled person it’s problematic to make an investment in property as there are many ups and down in the market that you have to understand before investing. For example, Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group is a reputed organization that provided you loans and other funding, for status building the rivals has claimed it as Patrick Kavanagh Scam which for many it’s totally a hypothesis.
Therefore here are few points that are provided by Patrick Kavanagh Chicago that could help you to get understand how to ensure escape plans from a scammed investment.
What’s being built nearby?
New framework tasks can be advantageous or unfavorable to your speculation property. Discover what's being arranged and when it's expected for fruition by signing onto This has connections to all state framework arranging divisions.
What's it worth?
A property's offering cost doesn't mean it's justified, despite all the trouble. Put resources into a property valuation – generally beginning at around $350 – to evaluate the property's actual worth and afterward utilize that to consult on the cost. Selecting an autonomous and ensured value to survey the estimation of a property before purchasing or offering can help speculators arrange the best cost, decrease hazard and spare cash.
What’s happening in the local market?
What's occurring in the neighborhood specifically affect the property showcase – either contrarily or emphatically? An ideal approach to discover? Get out there yourself. As mentioned in Patrick Kavanagh scam clearance report go to the neighborhood retail strip, search for the standard and style of retailers there and evaluate whether gentrification has occurred or is going to. It's likewise shrewd to take a gander at neighborhood socioeconomic, wrongdoing rates and work drivers in the region – investigate the Australian Bureau of Statistics' sites,
What's the rental potential?
Because a specialist says a property will acquire $ 400 seven days in the lease, doesn't mean it will. Utilize property entryways, for example, and to get a practical thought of rents on tantamount properties and request that an autonomous organization do a rental evaluation. Properties are frequently under or overrated and a rental evaluation will give you an exact picture.
Capital gains or rental return?
You have to consider whether you are pursuing rental returns or capital pick up and on account of various speculations, it ought to be the last mentioned. The rental pay will help you hold the property yet it won't help you purchase once more. Capital picks up ought to be, in the early phases of speculation, top of your rundown since it will enable you to purchase your second and third property. On the off chance that you take a gander at the high rental return and low capital development, you'll be staying there quite a while before you have any value to accomplish something else.
These few question listed above provided by Patrick Kavanagh Chicago that could help you act as Patrick Kavanagh scammed protection plans such that you do not take a wrong path for your investment.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Share Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group.pptx - 1 MB

Share Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group.pptx - 1 MB

Looking to buy a home? It’s better to be on a “Way” than a “Street,”
pick a female real-estate agent and try to be close to a Starbucks.

That’s the advice of Spencer Rascoff, CEO of,
who collected statistics from his site’s database of 110 million homes
to find trends in real-estate pricing. Along with Zillow economist Stan
Humphries, he has written “The New Rules of Real Estate” (Grand
Central), out Tuesday. Some of his findings:

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group | Success Tips Debt and Real Estate - Video Dailymotion

Patrick Kavanagh KRI Property Group | Success Tips Debt and Real Estate - Video Dailymotion: Donald Trump

Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki Discussing Financial Education, how debt can be good and bad at the same time and the Psychology of Finance and much more !